Varun Priolkar

Category: Linux

How to fake pings and traceroutes

I recently read Srijit Banerjee’s excellent article, which brought to light ugly things done by service providers to fool their customers who have grown accustomed to the ping command to judge the…

How to fix “Not logged into Rocket League servers” error on Linux

Encounter the “Not logged into Rocket League servers” error while trying to get online on the Rocket League game on Linux? Here’s a fix. Rocket League needs SSL to communicate with their servers….

How to use AMDGPU driver for Southern Islands and Sea Islands card on Ubuntu Linux

These instructions apply only for GCN 1.0/Southern Island cards and GCN 1.1/Sea Islands cards. You can check if your card falls in this categories here. The AMDGPU driver is a newer driver for…