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2019 – The year in review

By | 22nd December 2019

Just like how a business should review it’s performance every quarter, an individual should track progress from time to time(not too often as that can be detrimental). So here’s my review of myself based on things I care about. Do note that 2019 has been a tough year for me personally, something which I would… Read More »

Rajdhani Express first class review – An unforgettable experience

By | 6th June 2018

On my usual Goa to Delhi trips I decided to try out Rajdhani first class instead of the usual flight option. I had a spare sunday at my disposal and was tired of flying so decided to try the best that the Indian Railways had to offer. I booked a single normal first-class(1AC) ticket from… Read More »

Trying out a new social network! – Gab.ai

By | 12th October 2016

These are my very personal views and may not reflect yours. Please do understand that as you proceed. 🙂 Twitter and Facebook was censoring trends/tweets of right wing people for a long time now and there was expected to be fall out from that. That has resulted in a new social network called Gab.ai ? .… Read More »