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Rajdhani Express first class review – An unforgettable experience

By | 6th June 2018

On my usual Goa to Delhi trips I decided to try out Rajdhani first class instead of the usual flight option. I had a spare sunday at my disposal and was tired of flying so decided to try the best that the Indian Railways had to offer. I booked a single normal first-class(1AC) ticket from… Read More »

Trying out a new social network! – Gab.ai

By | 12th October 2016

These are my very personal views and may not reflect yours. Please do understand that as you proceed. 🙂 Twitter and Facebook was censoring trends/tweets of right wing people for a long time now and there was expected to be fall out from that. That has resulted in a new social network called Gab.ai ? .… Read More »