My talk about Building Private Cloud at DevOps Toronto

By | 7th December 2022

I was invited to talk about Building Scalable Private Cloud on a Budget at DevOps Toronto. I want to thank Steve Pereira and Sebaz Rodriguez for giving me the opportunity to talk about what I was working on with my current employer, Transnomis Solutions Inc.

The talk touches on various topics including:

  • Networking – VXLAN, OSPF, high performance networking.
  • Ceph – For high performance file storage.
  • Proxmox/Linux KVM – For hypervisor.
  • Cloud-init/Cloudbase-init – For automating Virtual Machine provisioning.
  • Ansible and Terraform – For automation of VMs, network devices, hypervisors and VPNs.
  • LibreNMS – For monitoring. 
  • Hardware – What to buy, sourcing etc.
  • Misc – Identity management, VPNs.

You can find the video below.

I hope you found that interesting. This is a culmination of last five months of hard work. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

2 thoughts on “My talk about Building Private Cloud at DevOps Toronto

  1. Kiran

    Hello Varun ,

    have a query about performance of Mikrotik Router esp CRS 2xxx Router , as there are threads on mikrotik community on multiple reboot


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