My talk about DevOps at Coffee and Code, Goa

By | 15th December 2018

On 13 October 2018 I had given a talk about Devops – The art of managing infrastructure at scale at a Cofee and Code event held at 91Springboard, Goa.

A pic from my talk. Courtesy: Cicero Silva

In the talk I spoke about managing infrastructure from different perspectives – developer, Linux sysadmin, network admin and leveraging open source tools to do so. I explained how OpenSSH can be used to manage servers, how you can automate them with scripting and tools like Ansible, intro about build servers, how to set up a CI/CD pipeline and about cloud and it’s implications. I also spoke about a few services/tools that could be useful for students to get started. Some of which include.

I have attached the presentation below. You can find pics from the event here and read more at Gajesh Naik’s blog post about the event. 

If you have any queries from my presentation, feel free to contact me. I specially want to thank Cicero Silva for organising the event. 😀

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