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My presentation about LXC containers at GDG Devfest, ICG

Yesterday I presented a talk at GDG(Google Developer Group) Devfest about Stop using Docker! Fun with Linux containers and networking. The venue was International Centre Goa. Many people had a lot of doubts….

Awesome Piwik setup – CDN, evading adblockers, GeoIP and more

My setup guide heavily depends on Nginx so you may have to change a few things if you are using some other web server. But this should be helpful never the less. 🙂…

Getting SSL reverse proxy to work with WordPress

This is not very hard to do but I had a tough time figuring out how to get this to work. I’m just writing this down in case someone finds it helpful. In…

Hybrid ECDSA and RSA certificates with Nginx and Let’s Encrypt

There are a myriad of resources on the internet on how to get this working but not as well compiled together as I’d like. That is the reason I am writing this post….

Backup your website to Backblaze B2 with encryption

This is meant for websites running on a VPS/dedicated servers only. This should work with modifications for static websites but was meant for websites with a database, especially WordPress. I was inspired by…