How to buy US Equities from India

By | 26th January 2019

Disclaimer: This post is for information purposes only and not an investment advise. Please consult your investment advisor before doing anything. I am not liable if you lose money or if anything in this post is not factual. So you’re at a stage where you hold a decent chunk of Indian equities, but would like to diversify your holdings to overseas companies. Everytime… Read More »

Two tales about China

By | 21st January 2019

I know this topic deviates from the topic of my blog. I hope you find this atleast somewhat interesting/amusing. 🙂 I am deeply fascinated by China and it’s tremendous economic progress over the recent past. It has successfully managed to raise 100s of millions from poverty in the recent past. However years of fiscal stimulus and… Read More »

Strategies to build a global CDN

By | 8th December 2018

A friend recently asked me: I would like to know how to build a global CDN network. I’m currently exploring all the CDN options on the market, but would like to know how to build one since it looks like an interesting problem to solve. A Content Delivery Network(CDN) is nothing but a service which… Read More »

BGP on a shoestring – The definitive guide

By | 5th December 2018

Virtually every address on the internet is connected with each other with a protocol called as the Border Gateway Protocol(BGP), which dynamically routes traffic on the internet to the closest network. This guide will show you how you can be part of the internet for the cheapest possible cost. This guide is intended for sysadmins… Read More »