Introducing AS132383 website and HE’s IPv6 Sage certification!

By | 30th December 2018

I have a couple of quick updates to share here, pertaining to my AS132383 network and Hurricane Electric‘s IPv6 certification.

Updates to AS132383

First is related to my AS132383 which I use to announce a few IPs. I now have a website and Looking Glass for AS132383! You can check it out at There is also a Looking Glass at I used Hugo for the static website and this Github project to setup my looking glass. The website is linked on the top of my blog as well.

I also have setup Reverse DNS for the following subnets, with the help of AllKnowingDNS and some Ansible scripts to manage everything. I have had some geolocation issues so hopefully this plus submitting corrections to geolocation databases should help.

2a0a:b707:1111::/64 -
2401:f9c0:1111:10::/64 -
2401:f9c0:1111:50::/48 -

So a query for the reverse would look like this.

[arhue@hp-laptop ~]$ dig -x 2401:f9c0:1111:10::1 +short

Most of the online IPv6 testing websites now give me a full 10/10 score. 😀

Courtesy of They got the ISP wrong but I can forgive them 😉

Hurricane Electric Sage certification

Hurricane Electric provides a free IPv6 certification, with various levels. If you reach the Sage level(the highest level) you will get a free t-shirt and the certification of the same. I managed to complete the Sage level certification.

My certificate looks like this

The whole procedure was fun and interactive and took no more than a couple of hours to finish. There are a few presentations to help you out as well. At the end you have to give them your t-shirt size and address and they’ll mail you a free t-shirt. I got my in a few months. They send them in batches so be patient.

The more interesting part of the t-shirt

You can get the full pic of the t-shirt including the front/back view here.

Thanks for reading. 🙂

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