My presentation about LXC containers at GDG Devfest, ICG

By | 23rd October 2016

Yesterday I presented a talk at GDG(Google Developer Group) Devfest about Stop using Docker! Fun with Linux containers and networking. The venue was International Centre Goa.

Many people had a lot of doubts. Of course there wasn’t enough time for everyone to get all their queries in and things were a little difficult for many people. I had also promised to put up the slides on my website. Hopefully this should help. 🙂


Less than flattering pic of me presenting at the event

For proxy NDP with IPv6 I have a guide here and this is a nice guide I’ve written for getting the reverse proxy setup working with WordPress. Someone had asked about IPv6 subnetting. I tried explaining it but the person may or may not have understood it. My friend has written an excellent guide about it here.

If anyone still has queries, please send them to me via any of these contact options or leave a comment down below. 😀

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