Thoughts about my job change – E2E Networks to Award Force

By | 30th August 2018

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that I will be joining Award Force, an SAAS startup based out of Australia but with a fully remote workforce. The company provides an industry leading award management solution. I will no longer be employed by E2E Networks Limited.

The new role will be fully remote and I will be working in the profile of a Devops Engineer.

Why am I changing jobs?

This is more of a personal journey for me. It has less to do with anything wrong with the current company than with my personal goals.

Personally I desire change more frequently than others to keep the energy going and when the motivation weans off, it’s time to move on. I am still very positive about E2E Networks going forward and there is very little wrong with the company.

Most of Award Force’s infrastructure is in Chef and on AWS.

Things I worked on at E2E Networks

Please note that I am publishing this more for personal records than for anyone else. I have not included things which have not managed to see the light of production or aren’t close to it. The nature of my job involved this.

  • Designing redundant network for cloud VMs with VRRP, stacking, RSTP, static routing.
  • Complete automation of install and provisioning of bare metal systems with PXE, preseed/kickstart generator written in bash; Jenkins and Ansible for post provisioning hosts. 
  • Setup tools to help operations team – Smokeping, looking glass.
  • Setup of network monitoring with Netflow/Sflow with Nfsen. I had also written tools to access this data and send alerts periodically.
  • Chatbot solution for Hipchat/Slack to access VM data, managed customer alerts, network usage with Ansible and Stackstorm. Codebase was partly Ansible, partly Python.
  • Tally for Linux in the cloud with Wine, printing support, drive redirection, file sharing, Excel exports.
I’d hate to be this guy! ?

Some of the older projects I worked on have lacking documentation, partly due to a lack of time and partly because I didn’t know better then. Please in touch with me if you can’t understand something and need explanation about anything I have worked on. 

My gratitude to management & collegues

E2E Networks gave me exposure to some of the most amazing technology and stuck with me through thick and thin. I would especially like to thank four key people:

It felt like yesterday that 1 year 5 months back I met Tarun Dua, the CEO of the company at the Nehru Place mall in Delhi and he offered me a job just a few hours after meeting him, without an interview or any test. I hope I have atleast partially repaid the faith put in me.

Mohammed Imran was the CTO of the company and guided me in every way. He was sympathetic, granted every request asked by me and guided the technology division forward with excellent growth. Ashijit Pramanik was more of a friend than a manager. He’s a gem of a person and few people have had as profound of an influence on me as he has. I hope more people are lucky enough to be working under him. He told me he’s planning to start his startup. I wish him best of luck! 😀

Ashish Mukherjee has given me invaluable guidance in my career. He’s a maestro at Linux, Python and was responsible for building some of the new products at E2E Networks into successes. He’s a very approachable person and I often ring him up whenever I need some guidance. Currently he’s building things at Ziploan, a Fin-tech company.

Apart from this I would like to thank everyone else who’s worked alongside me to build the swadeshi AWS, especially Rohan Sharma(stop tagging me in the stupid memes), Preeti Dewani(keep smiling), Amit Mehta(thanks for sticking with me for the late night network troubleshooting), Amit Sethi(Keto uncle ?), Himani Agrawal(CDP queen), Saima MI(Post process fix kar denge 😉 ), Pawan Singh(Cashew and Feni connoisseur), Navneet Singh(Dude when are you coming to Goa), Shubham Johar, Nobin Mathew. There are way more people I’d like to include, apologies if I’ve missed you out.

Should you join E2E Networks?

After publishing my earlier post, I have been getting a lot of questions about if joining the company is worth it. My answer would be absolutely! E2E Networks offers a fast paced workplace with opportunity to work on a lot of things at scale. The company has a lot of things going for it and is poised for huge growth.

Thank you E2E Networks and I wish everyone and the company my best wishes on their quest of becoming the next $100 million cloud company! 🙂 

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